Visa Support

If you are not a Russian citizen you need a visa for Russia which you can get at the Russian embassy or consulate. For a visa an invitation from Russia is necessary, we offer this service for you.
For the invitation please fill in the following questionnaire.

Please present the invitation together with the visa application in the embassy/consulate.
Here are the addresses of the nearest embassies/consulates.

If children are travelling with you who have their own passports, they also need an invitation for a visa.
If the child is registered in your passport, then it should be noted in the visa. In this case please write the first and last name, the date of birth and the nationality of the children travelling with you.

If you spend in St.Petersburg at least 3 days, you need a registration at the police station which is being taken over by our local partner Partner Ost West Contact Service (the office of Ost-West is in Nevski prospekt 100, 191036 St. Petersburg, Russia, Tel. +7 (812) 33 44 812, you can walk there from the flat).

Please fill the form accurately 1 x per person and check the data carefully on receipt of the invitation.